Are you one of those people who take 30 minutes a week to clean up your photos?

Here is an app for you that works like a butterfly

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What is TUP TUP?

TUP TUP is your buddy photo manager. It gives you control to microsegment images on your phone, based on the type.Thanks to our deep learning expertise,now organize your photos with ease. And the best part is that everything happens within your mobile, keeping privacy as the core value.




What does TUP TUP do to your

TUP TUP is the colourful butterfly flying across your garden, carefully segmenting the photos into everyday categories - Memories, Food, Documents, Memes, Devotional and many more in future for you to take an action.

Select your TUP TUP Duration

Thanks to Diwali, the phone is clogged with many greetings! Can I custom TUP TUP my phone from the last 7 days or a month?
Yes, you can!

Let TUP TUP do it’s job!

Schedule your TUP TUP habit

Now this is a good habit we’d recommend you to do it! Schedule your TUP TUP based on your free time and make it recurring!

Sip a green tea while we TUP TUP your phone.

WE are your buddy. And we respect your privacy!

What TUP TUP does not do? It never compromises your privacy.

TUP TUP's advanced machine learning understands the type of the image stored on your phone and smartly categorizes it. TUP TUP doesn’t cross its limits!

TUP TUP doesn’t save or store your data or any server.

Now that is what we call the TUP TUP peace!

Why do you need this Buddy Photo Manager to keep you calm as calming ever?

Photos on an average we keep sending and receiving on our phones daily!


Plus images and counting exist on our smartphones!

5000 turns 50K!

on special days!


Frustration in atomic sizes that leads to slow burn

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We are Iksana

We are a team of passionate and creative coders, researchers and product ideators who believes in solving problems of any size with machine learning and other high-end technology systems.

TUP TUP is an response to a problem that arose from our lives and we aim to solve it with smiles on our faces.

We continue to upgrade the experience of TUP TUP with all your inputs, suggestions.

We love to hear from you!
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